Monday, 19 October 2015

Love | Terhi Koskinen

Hi there!

It's Terhi here today, with a layout inspired by the Scrapberry's Acrylic Twigs. You can find them in four colors, mine on this layout are light blue and they look just gorgeous!

I started with stencil work on the background, then added some stamping with Scrapberry's  stamps. Random doodles with a pencil and then lots of paper layers.

The layout tells nothing less than my love to my daughter. I always write my journaling on the backside of the layouts, mainly because I write so much that it would look bad and brake the design if I'd write on the layout.

This layout is finished with mist flicks. Some random splashes and splatters gives unique and arty look - just remember to cover your photo with extra paper when flicking and misting.

Have a great day!

Scrapberry's materials used:

Thank you for stopping by!
Terhi xx

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