Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Paris Lay-Out by Aida

Today I, Aida, will share a lay-out with you that Imade with our Holiday Romance collection and lots of embellishments. By working with mixed media, I managed to take the Holiday Romance papers to a whole new level and to give them a more grungy look. 

ScrapBerry's Supply List:
Holiday Romance papers:
Story SCB220605907, 
Full of Mirth SCB220605901, 
Warmed-over cabbage SCB220605902b

Polymer items SCB26001029,
Curls: SCB250001076 
Flowers:  SCB280410, SCB280610, SCB300103
Set of clocks: SCB341305
Chipboards: SCB62000107
Stencil: SCB53100002
Metal charms: SCB25001054, SCB25013721-1
Stamp: SCB4907012b
Clock: SCB341103
Stickers: SCB53000003

As you can see, I made a wonderful cluster of flowers, gears, charms and a cork clock sticker. I also used lots of microbeads and paint to add colour and interest.

I used foamtape to make her photo stand out more and also used lots of layers of paper to add more dimension to her lay-out. 

Thank you for stopping by today!
Happy crafting!

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