Sunday, 11 June 2017

"Follow Your Dream" Art Journal by Magda Lenka

Hello my lovely friends,
it's Magda Lenka here and today I have for you mixed media Art Journal pages. 
Insteade of a mists, I used a few colorus of Stains Inks blended with water. 

I put together a metal embellishment and prints of stamps: birds and feathers and I made something like a dreamcatcher. 
To make a background, I used a few stamps and a stencil Matrix.
At the end I added blue cherry bloosoms.
Take a look at the details...

ScrapBerry's Supply List:

Stains Ink Pad:
Pink (SCB1210502)
Blue (SCB1210503)
Purple (SCB1210504)

Set of stamps (SCB5056094)
Set of stamps (SCB4907111)
Set of stamps FAIRY TALE (SCB4904012b)
Set of stamps FRENCH JOURNEY Moment of Happiness (SCB4901001b)
Bacground stamp MUSIC TEXT (SCB4901017)
Stamp Versailles WRITINGS (SCB4901004)

Metal charms set BIRD IN A CIRCLE (SCB25013601-1)

Magda Lenka

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