Friday, 23 June 2017

Happy moment - mixed media canvas by Aida

Hello, it's Aida here and today I want to show you my mixed media canvas with all the Scrapberry's goodies.
I have created the colorful background using only Scrapberry's Stains inks and sponge brushes, you can see few steps of the process below.
After I was happy with the results I've added some stencil designs and then few layers of Primavera papers, beautiful flowers and other embellishments to my project. 
Here is the final result:

To create similar background use 2-3 colors of stain inks, sponge brush and some water to make your sponge wet.  You can apply the ink directly from the pad 

or mix with water first to make more watercolor effect.
You can also add the same diluted colors on your elements using a brush


here are the details of final project:

List of materials:

Primavera Papers
STAINS INKS: scb 1210509, scb1210503, scb 1210502
Melisa Frances: Resins Architectural Molding CX822, CX851
Epoxy stickers scb 34001081b
Ribbon scb510102
Flowers: scb290403, scb300107, scb300104, SCB290403, SCB300215
Leaves: scb300601

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