Sunday, 22 October 2017

Cherished Jewels Cards by Maja

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Today I have two cards to share that I made using the patterns on the paper as a guide for the composition building:

Both cards feature the Cherished Jewels collection. In the first one I mimicked the printed magnolia branch with flowers to build the flower cluster:

I arranged the yellow flowers branch and added some white and pink lilies so that part of the printed image is also visible. Then I added a shabby ribbon bow and a bird charm:

The other card focuses on the teal palette of the Deco Charms paper, in which I followed the split-pattern background with flowers:

I accented the patterns with a printed ribbon and added matching flowers, then added a charm and a resin flourish. Crystal brads and liquid pearl dots emphasize the glamour style of the card:

And here's what I used:
Paper Flowers Clove Lilac
Cherry Blossom (2 Piece set 30mm*110mm) Ivory
Stemmed Lily 10 pcs in a pack WHITE&PINK
Double-sided paper 12"*12" 190 gsm, Cherished Jewels, Deco Charms
Double-sided paper 12"*12" 190 gsm, Cherished Jewels, Endlessly Romantic
Double-sided paper 12"*12" 190 gsm, Cherished Jewels, Precious Gems
Charms set CELL WITH A PENDANT silver 29*95mm
Set of brads "French journey", lilac, pink, 16pcs
Set with metal frameworks "French journey", Swallows and flowers
Crystal stickers decoration. Floral Embroidery Set of 10 crystal stickers
Set of decorative ribbons Summer Joy 2, 4 pieces, 1m each

See you later!

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